The Best Home Gym Equipment Available In 2017

best home gym equipment 2016

Working out in the house is convenient as far as access is concerned. You would get home late but still go on with your flexing routine. There is a number of equipment that has a big benefit but you should base your decision on goal, budget and size; both the room and equipment dimensions. The following are some of the best home gym equipment for 2016 and will get you in good shape.

Bowflex PR1000

This machine happens to have the best rating due to its facilities and make. It is built to help in strengthening muscles as well as toning a great deal of muscles which include arm, shoulder, abs, chest and leg muscles.

The Bowflex Pr1000 is made of a highly resistant material meaning it will hardly break due to too much weight. It is tested four times after assembling to guarantee durability and reliability. It has a bench for horizontal presses, hand grips for pull-outs and comfortable roller cushions for leg exercises.

It has a power-rod able to resist weight up to 210pounds and withstand a user weight of up to 136kgs. The amazing aspect is that its rowing rails can fold to a reduced size so that you can conveniently store it in case of limited room space. It cost $380-$400 and that is worthwhile.

Thane total-flex

Well, the benefits that come in with the structure if these machines are just amazing. It is made of steel a material well able to withstand high levels of pressure exerted on it. It has a seating and leaning pad that is soft enough for comfort of the user.

This machine comes already assembled so you do not get crazy in the hassle of assembling it like other huge machines. You only fit a second power-pod which takes less than 30minutes. This is done using only two bolts and the tools for that job are usually part of the package.

The seat, leg pads and resistance can easily be changed to fit your need. It will cost around $280.

The Powerline-BSG10X

It is best for chest muscles development. It has a high resistance to break and can handle up to 2200pounds which is caused by the military aircraft materials and cables used. The seat is easily adjustable for the comfort of the user.

It is designed to allow movement for bilateral, converging, diverging and unilateral motions. It therefore helps engage your entire body for the best results.