Best Exercises for Losing Weight as a Woman

woman weight loss

Any person trying to lose weight needs to know that for them to be able to get good results, one needs to have plenty of exercises and eat healthy food.  Regular exercise helps you to burn calories and also build muscles which have an advantage of speeding up your metabolism so as to enable you to lose more weight. There are many different exercises that you can decide to do which can make your weight loss journey quite interesting and fulfilling. Below is a list of these kinds of exercises.


Walking can be one of the easiest kinds of exercises you can engage in. The advantage that walking has is that you do not require to have any equipment so as to perform other than very comfortable and decent shoes. You also do not need to be a member of any gym for you to be able to do you’re walking.  It is a low-impact kind of exercise which will not bring any injuries to your knees leaving you to be on the sidelines for weeks and even months. It is also good for people with heart problems as well as those with obesity.


Kettlebell is cast iron balls that are fitted with a single handle. The weight of this balls isn’t evenly distributed as compared to the traditional handheld weights. The reason for this is so as to make your body counterbalance the weight of the ball as well as stabilize you. Kettlebells tend to provide a hardcore kind of workout which not only strengthens as well as improves your posture and balance, it also burns a total of 400 calories in estimation in only 20 minutes. This kind of exercise also targets all the major muscles in your body and also stabilizes your muscles. However, one has to learn how to use kettlebells first before using them so as to avoid any injuries.


Regular and vigorous swimming can help one to burn around 400 to 700 calories in just an hour. All types of swimming can be very effective and is also a low-impact kind of exercise which will help you to condition, tone and strengthen your body, not forgetting that it is also a way of having fun.


Cycling is another low-impact kind of exercise which can help one to burn an approximate of around 372 to 1,100 calories in an hour depending on your speed, your weight and also the terrain you are riding your bike on.

This is a few of the many types of exercises that you can do as a woman to help lose weight. Burning calories are the best and most natural way of losing excess fat in the body. Wth the right instructor, you will be able to lose weight through appropriate exercise.

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