Types Of Cages For The Bearded Dragon

It must be said that it is possible to classify the different types of cages in use for keeping Bearded Dragons according to the material used in its construction.  And with each type it is that there is bound to be some strong points as well as some negative aspects to it as well.  Here a brief look is taken into the most common types of cages to be had.

bearded dragon pet

Wire cages: This is the very first type of a cage that someone wanting to keep a dragon would consider.  It could be also the least suited as well and more so in the colder climates as the heat is not trapped in the enclosure.  This makes it necessary to employ extra elements to heat and retain the heat within the cage.  Another aspect is that the wires can cause cuts to the animals and more so when the skin of the reptile has just been molted, leaving it rather soft to touch.

Wood cages: With cages of wood, it is something that is so simple that most folks can make out one on their own. It must be stressed that such enclosure must be properly sealed in and this can be done with newspaper wads of such stuffing that can be had anywhere.  There is a major plus point with wood and it is that the size of the cage can be changed as is needed by adding on sections to the old piece.

It must be said of wood that it does retain heat a good deal and this makes it suited to the colder climates.  Since the warmth is effectively trapped, the heating needs in this situation are less comparatively.

Glass enclosure: The main plus point to using glass is the display ability that it gives the user of such an enclosure.  Despite being brittle and prone to accidents, folks that use glass would stand by its ability to create an effect that is so missing in other forms of presentation.  Of mention must be the tall body design that seeks to bring in height that the other options do not provide the user.  This makes it possible to have small branches and trunks attractively displayed thus.

Catering to the diverse needs of customers

The typical pet shop or store must be able to satisfy the most pressing needs of any given pet owner.  It is a good characteristic of a pet dealer to do so and for any sort of business to meet the most demanding of the customers’ requirements.  But never the less there are situations when the demands can be really trying to the shop keeper and a more competent person, an expert so to speak is referred to.

There is thus a wide range of operators that get to function in the field that adds a depth and breadth to pet keeping than observed earlier.  It is also a fact that the typical pet is more diverse than ever.

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